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Different types of Perfumes:

Perfumes are made from water, alcohol and perfume oil (fragrances). Eau de, a French word meaning water of, are the least concentrated perfume types. The perfume types and the abbreviations used on this site are:

• Aftershaves (AS), lotions & splashes: the least concentrated of all perfume types containing 0.5% - 2% perfume oils
• Eau de Cologne (EDC): is usually used interchangeably with eau de toilette and contains 3% - 5% perfume oils
• Eau de Toilette (EDT): contains between 4% - 15% perfume oils • Eau de Parfum (EDP): contains between 15% - 22% perfume oils
• Parfum: the highest concentrate of perfume with approx. 22% oils


women smelling her wrist


Fragrance notes:

Almost every fragrance smell is divided into top middle and base notes. The top note is the 1st scent you smell, the middle notes will last for around 4 hours and the bottom notes will keep you smelling sensational all day.

The difference between Men’s and Women’s Perfume:

The processing of making both men’s and women’s perfume is the same. Typically, women’s perfumes have more floral notes and men’s perfumes are inclined to contain more wood and citrus notes. Many perfume houses have now recognized that gender lines have blurred and unisex perfumes are becoming increasingly popular.

How to make Perfumes last longer:

To make your fragrance last longer consider a layering technique using various products of the same perfume. First start with the bath or shower gel and then rub your body with the scented body lotion. Finally apply the perfume, preferably using either a Parfum or Eau de Parfum (EDP).

Perfume application:

Use the heat from your body to help emphasize your perfumes. Apply them to your pulse points like your wrists, neck, elbows etc. You can also try spraying some in the air and walking through - this will disperse the scent over your entire body.

Choosing the Right Perfume:

(Daytime/Evening wear)

Soft floral, citrus and water based fragrances are usually lighter and are generally recommended for daytime or casual wear. Classic floral, woody and oriental fragrances are heavier and suit evenings or special occasions.

Basic Checklist:

  • Confirm reputable source of supply

  • Check for overall quality of cellophane wrapping – not too thick or cloudy looking, excessive glue or sticky tape use.

  • Overall quality of material used for outer box – colour, fold marks or straight edges.

  • Correct information printed on the box – size, country of origin, trademarks, logo and misspelling. Most perfumes have embossed or raise letters somewhere.

  • Most authentic products have a batch code printed at the bottom of the bottle, same batch code is print on the bottom of the packaging.